Advanced Intercontec partner trainings in Niederwinkling

The TE and Intercontec team held Advanced Partner trainings for new and experienced distribution partners this week in Niederwinkling, Germany - the home town of Intercontec. 

The trainings included a comprehensive list of topics, ranging from impact of the acquisition by TE Connectivity, marketing opportunities and guidelines as well as very detailed product trainings on the Intercontec connectors. The focus was on the hands-on trainings and workshops of the market leading Intercontec connectors, and the benefits that they provide to customers.

Led by Siegfried Funk, Industry Marketing TE Intercontec, the partners were showcased application examples, product features and benefits that equip them to sell the products as experts. The TE and Intercontec team was happy to welcome partners from Brazil, China, Taiwan, France, UK, Spain and Italy. Everyone enjoyed the trainings and workshops as well as the traditional evening with Bavarian music and food.

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