One Step Beyond: The M23 4.0

Nuremberg, November 24, 2015

Years of experience and a look into the future: In January 2016 Intercontec begins with the production of the first mechanically processed M23 connector, the M23 4.0 for industrial based manufacturing in large quantities. Main advantage: With this innovation it is possible that the connection between the plug and the cable can be produced and assembled partly automated. This is a never before seen innovation on the market and with it you will be able to save up to 30% of assembly time, depending on the level of automation. At the same time we will be able to satisfy the growing demands for process safety when it comes to cable assembly.

Company founder Wolfgang Pfeiffer: "We have been occupied with requirements of the 4.0 industry from early on, especially focused on ready for connection cable solutions. This issue was thought threw and then carried out until the very end."

Because of its cost effective potential the innovation is equality interesting to cable assembler as well as to OEMs, the reason for that being that both manufacturers and automation companies are constantly under pressure to minimize costs.

Faster on the market

Our engineers have completely redeveloped the process of binding the cable shield to the metal housing. With the help of a sophisticated system we can achieve a formidable and process safe EMC-shielding. Production of the series is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2016.

All our innovations will be compatible with all our previous free-assembly variations and are, depending on your preference available with our quick fastener speedtec or with a screw. The protection type is IP66/ IP67 with a possibility to qualify for IP 68/ IP 69 K. Vibration resistance is after EN60512-5-2 up to 20 g guaranteed.

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