New! M23 receptacle that can be adjusted in three dimensions

Intercontec expands the hybrid connector series 723 htec

At SPS Intercontec will be presenting an additional version of the successful "hybrid connector M23 htec" for the first time. Customers now have a choice between a straight and an angled version of the cable output and can make the individual decision on site flexibly, depending on their specific requirements. The new receptacle with a dual joint can be continuously oriented in the first axis 325° and pivoted by 80° from straight to angled in the second axis.

Another benefit for customers is that the additional degree of freedom even enables cable outputs to be given a three-dimensional design. In confined spaces in contorted installations or machine beds, the three-dimensional adjustability enables a plug-in design for almost any connection despite an interfering contour.

The most important technical data: flange mounting with dimensions of 25 x 25 mm or 28 x 28 mm, can be fitted with pins or sockets, contact protection for the live power contacts up to 850 VDC / 630 VAC and the option of multiple mechanical plug coding and additional coloured ring labelling.

Extension of the series 723 htec: Receptacle with Dual Hinge

Dear Sir or Madam,  from now on we can offer you a new type of Hybrid Connector M23 htec

You have the choice:

straight or angled. With the additional degree of freedom cable outlets can even be designed in a 3-dimensional way.

Choose your required cable outlet direction and decide in a flexible way right on-site if you want to have a straight or an angled cable outlet. Both possibilities work! And additionally you have continuous rotatability.


Adjustment with a few simple moves:

1.) Detach the locknut of the complete assembled connector.
2.) Adjust the required angle and tighten the locknut again.

Main Dimensions:

Mounting hole Flange, 28 x 28

Mounting hole Flange, 25 x 25

Main features

  • 1. Axis. Rotatable 325°
  • 2. Axis. Rotatable from straight to angled by 80°
  • Flange mounting 25 x 25 mm or 28 x 28 mm
  • Pins or Sockets can be used
  • Protection against contact for the power contacts under voltage up to 850 VDC / 630 VAC
  • Multiple mechanical plug-in-codings and additional color-ring-markings possible
  • Protection type IP 66 / IP 67 – Qualifying up to IP 68 / IP 69 K possible
  • Configurable with all regular 723 pole pictures and separately shielded ethernet-elements

Pole Pictures

11-pole (5+6)
10-pole (7+3)
7-pole (5+2)


Ethernet Elements

Ethernet element 4-pole, Cat. 5
Bus element 2-pole
Ethernet element 6-pole, Cat. 5


Crimp contacts

Electrical data

Wire cross-section up to max. 4,0 mm²
Rated voltage 850 VDC / 630 VAC
Rated insulation voltage 6000 V
Rated current 7-polig / 11-polig: 30 A
Rated current 7-polig /10-polig: 25 A
Protection against contact accordingto VDE 0623
Electrically protective separation accordingto VDE 0140

For questions please contact our product support:

TE Connectivity Industrial GmbH
Bernrieder Str. 15
94559 Niederwinkling
Phone +49 9962 20 02-327
Email: intercontec@te.com

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