World first! Robust and reliable

The first M12 single-cable connection solution of the 630 V power class in the style of the large servo connection solutions. Servo applications are becoming ever smaller in the international markets. This means high requirements for all the other components. Accordingly, there is also a need for a particularly compact and at the same time powerful quick-connect safety fastener. Read more >>

New! M23 receptacle that can be adjusted in three dimensions

Intercontec expands the hybrid connector series 723 htec At SPS Intercontec will be presenting an additional version of the successful "hybrid connector M23 htec" for the first time. Read more >>

New! In the era of Industry 4.0

Servo connection cables that can be produced in automated fashion with 4.tec connection system It is time, in the era of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory, to make servo manufacturing automatable. Read more >>

The new angled plug M23

Hereby we present the new angled plug M23. With its small height and the individual adjustable cable outlet direction the new angled plug is especially usable for low space circumstances. Test it Read more >>

One Step Beyond: The M23 4.0

Nuremberg, November 24, 2015

Years of experience and a look into the future: In January 2016 Intercontec begins with the production of the first mechanically processed M23 connector, the M23 4.0 for industrial based manufacturing in large quantities. Read more >>