Small but solid and powerful

The “small ones” from INTERCONTEC - now also available as “mechanical overmold”

After the successful launch of the M23 locktec connector, Intercontec is presenting the Series 615/915 in well-known and market approved locktec quality. “Mechanically overmolded” without time-consuming and costly overmolding process!

The fully 360° coaxial EMC shielded metal connector is securely assembled at the push of a button with the help of a small pneumatic press. At this point already the connector is IP 67 protected, strain relieved and EMC shielded. In only two more simple steps the protective sleeve is permanently connected with the housing. There is an additional integrated bend protection to support the cable.

To be able to cope with extreme industrial environments, the self-locking itec / ytec quick lock fastener was reinforced. Now the connection system can withstand vibritions up to 20g and temperatures between -20° to +130° C. For protection against corrosion all metal parts are nickel-plated, they meet RoHS standards and are free of adhesive-repelling substances. The seals consist of extremely resistant FPM (Viton). Depending on the individual application INTERCONTEC can offer antistatical protective covers and IP 68 / IP 69 K versions.


Power: 9-pins [(3 + PE ) +5] with 14 A / 630 V incl. earth to housing

Signal: 12-pin

Hybrid: 12+3-pin

Certifications: UL/CSA

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