Intercontec connector: ytec, itec

The ultra-slim connector system from Intercontec (February 2010)

This miniaturized connector system convinces through its high performance and its extreme flat and slim design. The robust metal housings are continuously 300° rotatable.

Quick, easy and tool-less assembly are as exciting as the secure housing coding and self-locking quick connection. That makes the connection process easy and no interference inside the housing is necessary. The ytec-system combines two 90° right-angled connector in one housing. At the same time there is only one mounting hole on the housing required. The ytec is available as a combination of power and signal connection or as power and bus application connection.

The single variation “itec” has all the functionality of the “ytec” and is available as a signal connector or as a power connector for wire gauge up to 1.5 mm². Ideal for small servo motors or equipment with little space for wiring

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