Highest connection reliability with quick-locking speedtec

When speed is of the essence or for use in tight spaces, INTERCONTEC offers the user special features using the speedy quick-lock connector speedtec:

Functional connector design:

The flat area on the connector top offers intuitive orientation with both visual and habtic control of the connection. It allows you to always confirm with a single glance or touch if the connection is secure.

Unmatched connection reliability:

Three additional advanced housing codings make an incorrect assembly impossible. The plastic coding or pins can not be damaged even when connecting under adverse conditions (under the table, overhead, blind or in a hurry). This makes the quick-lock connector speedtec the most reliable of its kind.

Locking reliability:

The connector can only be locked when the contacts are completely connected, thanks to the definite distance limitation during the insertion process.

Highest operational reliability:

  • Protection rating IP66 and IP67
  • 360° EMC-Shielding
  • UL / CSA approval
  • The ratchet mechanism safely prevents unintentional disconnection.
  • Vibration and shock safe up to 25 G in 3 axes

Backwards compatible to cable connectors with threaded coupling nuts:

Equipment manufacturers can well use the speedtec on their installations because the interface is backwards compatible to conventional threaded cable connectors.

Speedtec is now also available for the new M23 Hybrid htec and the plastic coated locktec.



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