The great freedom

Intercontecs Serie 448 modutec - Completely tool less mounting, the modular system

Very easy indeed. No tools are required for assembly and disassemly of Series 448 modutec modules. They are mounted in a variable frame, in a closedcabinet or directly into the rear panel of the application.

The mixed assembly of various modules as well as the combination of male and female contacts allows the simultaneous transmission of power and signal data. Another unique feature is the contact assembly. They snap into place laterally without the use of any tools. Depending on the application and the number of mating cycles stamped, slitted or hyperboloid contacts are used. The performance characteristics of the high current modules are impressive: 540 A ampacity, 630 V nominal current and wires up to 240 mm². These numbers speak for themselves.

The integration of hydraulic or pneumatic modules bears great potential for brand new solutions with minimum space requirements. From -50 °C to +200 °C the modutec Series 448 is always performing safe and reliable.


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