For the perfect show

Serie 926 eltec of Intercontec - A plastic connector for stage and lightning

Curtains up for the Series 926 eltec and for everybody who stands in the limelight treading the boards! These connectors are a shining example for an innovative, reliable and easy to use plastic connector. They proudly serve in the Staatstheater of Stuttgart and make sure everybody and everything appears in the correct light.

Safety is a top-priority: Lightning and stage technicians must be protected from electric shock when handling cables andequipment. The solid plastic design, flame retardant according to UL 94 VO and the modern connection method with a one hand push-pull mechanism point the way into the future. Connectors are also clearly coded facilitating fast and intuitive handling. But the Series 926 eltec connectors are not limited to the show biz. With 630 V rated voltage and 66 A rated current while ready to take on 16 mm² wires and protecting everything IP 66/67 they have the power to shine in other areas as well. Offshore and marine applications from oil rigs and wind turbines to any kind of seafaring vessel are only examples for the capabilities of this system.


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