Sunny prospects for INTERCONTEC M17 connectors

Intercontec supplied the photovoltaic company Hilber Solar with the speedtec quick-lock system for the solar panel drive. For the first time the connector manufacturer Intercontec, located in Niederwinkling, provided a photovoltaic company with a complete cabling system. From the large standard product portfolio the company in Steinach am Brenner, Tyrol, selected the compact built M17 speedtec connector system of Series 617 and 917.

„Wanted: Robust, reliable, slim building connector for extreme outdoor application conditions that are easy to use!“

These were the original requirements of a connector for the system cabling of a new solar tracking system which Reinhold Reichl brought back from his visit to Hilber Solar at Steinach am Brenner in Tyrol. The operation of such photovoltaic installations at a suitable location using solar tracking systems increases the output significantly.

With a life cycle of over 30 years, the SOLWING T demands a great deal from its system components. Depending on the location, all installation parts are exposed to various weather conditions. From high summer temperatures, to wind and rain to snow and icy cold. The careful selection of electro-technical components is especially important for use in exterior applications.

Therefore, Hilber Solar analyzed the individual components and from the very large standard product portfolio from Intercontec, which includes connectors of all sizes, several connector systems fulfilled most requirements. For these reasons, an early decision was made to use a connector from the Intercontec brand with the „co“ on the outside shell.

The engineers at Hilber Solar were impressed by the fact that the standard configured M17 connectors from Intercontec fulfilled already all the requirements for such a system. This reliable, high quality connector solution cannot be found anywhere else in the connector world. It is perfectly suited for usage in extreme weather conditions up to -20°C, where the continuous, accurate transmission of separated motor and control signals must be ensured. The M17 completes these requirements with its robust metal housing and the „crown clamp“ with integrated 360° EMC shielding.

„Reliability and highest demands on the life cycle influenced the decision for the connector system significantly. For our future product portfolio expansion we want to continue with a reliable partner like Intercontec“, reports Franz Hilber, CEO at Hilber Solar.

„Highest demands on the life cycle of components“

As with many applications the M17 connectors on the SOLWING T are the interface to self-contained components with an appropriate IP protection rating. More importantly the interface to the outside, which is the connector, has to have the same high IP67 protection. „The long-life cycle of SOLWING T is guaranteed by the high quality standard of the employed components. In regards to the connector for the system cabling, the drive and the interlocking system, several connectors from different manufacturers and types were extensively tested during the selection process and the products from the Bavarian connector manufacturer Intercontec fulfilled our high demands.” says CEO Franz Hilber excited about the new co-operation. The linear actuator uses M17 signal connector from series 617 and M17 power connector from series 917. The M17 signal connectors are also used for the interlocking system. The SOLWING T has a special locking system that makes the multiple-axis tracking with drive system possible. The connection from the interlocking to the controller is also done with a circular connector from the standard product portfolio at Intercontec.

„Time-saving speedtec locking system“

Next to the robustness, the wide application temperature range and the UV-resistance of Intercontec connectors, the time-saving speedtec locking system was a deciding factor. The speedtec quick-lock technology offers, especially in larger installations, the advantage of faster cabling, assembly, and service.

The fact that Intercontec not only supplies the connector, but the already fully configured system cabling for SOLWING T, guarantees the customer professional assembly of all components. The assembly process is, to a large extent, automated and finalized with 100% testing.

"We are exceptionally happy that Intercontec connectors proved again the versatile availability for use, especially in the field of renewable energy” said Reinhold Reichl, Project Manager at Intercontec.

The product range of Hilber Solar includes tracked, fixed and building-integrated complete systems for private and commercial customers including operators of generating stations. High quality installations require high quality equipment and are worth only as much as the sum of all individual components of the system. That is why in the future, wherever there are highest demands on the connectors and cabling, the reliable Intercontec products will be used.

Reinhold Reichl, Projektleiter
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