Wolfgang Pfeiffer foundation presents free series of lectures

The Wolfgang Pfeiffer foundation in March 2009:

Photo: Open University-Event from 25.03.2009

The foundation, created by Intercontec founder and CEO Wolfgang Pfeiffer, presents this spring a free series of lectures organized by Prof. Dr. Josef Scherer from the law-office Scherer-Rieger in Deggendorf.

The Wolfgang Pfeiffer Foundation, at the University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf, presents the from March to June 2009 offered "Open University"-lecture series.



Prof. Dr. Josef Scherer from the law office Prof. Dr. Scherer, Dr. Rieger and Partner arranges every year a series of free lectures, this spring under the slogan “successful through the economic recession! No risk, much fun! “.

Invited are entrepreneurs and employees of all industrial sectors and company sizes, who want to be informed about different subjects, educate themselves and discuss with experts.

In addition several high-profile presenters from the industry offer numerous interesting tips and strategies to secure the company as well as avoidance of personal liability in economic difficult times.

Extract from the program:

  • From company undertakers and black shadows” – successful accounts receivable management
  • “I am having a crisis“ crisis management: correct behaviour in crisis and insolvency of contract partners
  • Ideal process for company restructuring “as far as your legs will carry you…..” report about the experiences of a former company
  • “how to split a melon….” Mediation and other means to end disputes out of court

Until the end of June 2009 the lecture series will take place each Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 PM at the Deggendorf university. If requested, registered visitors can receive a participation certificate.

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