Technical school in Straubing receives a generous chrismas gift

The technical school in Straubing in well-known for close networking with economical partners. In the course of their 6 months internship they send their students into different companies or educate trainees themselves to further prepare them for technical colleagues and universities.

Mr. Christian Steibl said that even the employees of the school were surprised that they are receiving such a gift. The offer from Intercontec came by telephone: aware of the subject-related practical training by the school, Intercontec feels that the device was given into the right hands.

The head of the Physics and Technology department OStRin Kerstin Fritzlar couldn’t refuse such a generous offer, since it will be used for to its full abilities for education in the technical department. Students here obtain core skills in electromechanical and metal technology through workshops provided by the school. With this device the students will be able to examine different materials and also take a closer look at circuit printed boards – a great addition for the Bogen outsourced workshop. At Intercontec the tasks of the microscope will be taken over by other devices and therefore the opportunity arose to search for someone who will use the device for its original purpose. They have chosen the technical school in Straubing.

Some student along with their workshop manager came to the company’s headquarters in Niederwinkling to pick up the device and with combined strengths help to load and prepare it for shipping. After all it is the “heaviest” Christmas gift that the school has ever received. In light of the enormous production facilities and the friendly welcome from the company another deal was made: The faculty members and the students were invited to a tour of the company with about 100 employees. There is a lot to see: The worldwide established Intercontec Group is a marker leader when it comes to connectors, for example for fully automated robots.

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