Succesful supplier convention for injection moulding partner

21.04.2009, University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf

The “supplier convention“for Intercontec injection moulding suppliers was very successful for all parties. The visitors were informed about industrial applications of computer tomography for quality assurance during different presentations and the laboratory tour.

The Wolfgang Pfeiffer Foundation invited Intercontec injection moulding suppliers to the Deggendorf university to inform during various presentations about the subject of „ x-ray computer tomography for industrial applications“


Jochen Kraus, foundation manager and Peter Hornberger, CT-laboratory manager presented the f7unctions of the μ-Focus-X-Ray-Computer Tomography for industrial usage. Oliver Bauer, Quality Manager, introduced in a short presentation the company Intercontec with current developments as well as the supplier qualification system.

The visitors were excited about the fact that first article qualification can be completed a lot more precise and faster with this method. The computer tomography at the foundation’s laboratory at the institute allows for a component analysis within 15-30 minutes, where traditional methods take at least 2-3 days, says foundation manager Kraus.

Shorter product lifecycles are common especially in the fast moving markets of today. This technology offers the possibility to shorten the process from planning to realization. During the presentation of the functions of the CT, different measurement and evaluation options were mentioned.

The “point cloud’ created by the x-ray radiation is the basis for different analysis:

  • dimensional accuracy
  • false colour rendering to measure deviation from the CAD model
  • measurement of different attributes
  • Lunker analysis (measurement of air pockets, defects, imperfections)
  • wall thickness analysis
  • analysis of composite elements
  • radiographic imaging

After the joint lunch at the university cafeteria the visitors completed a tour through the laboratory, where Mr. Hornberger presented the CT.


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