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The future starts now: The beginning of our education program at Intercontec with seven new trainees

Those who want highly qualified and skilled employees, have to also take on the responsibility and educate our youth. Read more >>

Intercontec to ramp up activities in Asia

Intercontec intends to step up its sales activities in the Asian region and will in future also rely on the support of tried-and-trusted partners. Perth Subway Transportation Equipment Co. Ltd in Shanghai has been Intercontec’s authorised trading partner since 2011 and, parallel with Intercontec’s new local subsidiary, will be handling the sale of Intercontec connectors and cable assemblies. Read more >>

New sales partner in Italy

Intercontec has been lucky enough to acquire a hugely experienced sales partner in Italy – Ms. Giuseppina Li Vigni – who is based in Genoa. Ms. Li Vigni has already been involved in the area of electri-cal cable technology since 1988. She will be looking after existing Intercontec customers in Italy, working very closely with the parent company in Niederwinkling. She will also provide support to new customers, and assist with new and “Design-in” projects – from conceptualisation through to the start of production. Read more >>

Auf die Plätze, fertig, los!

Der Deggendorfer Zweibrückenlauf hatte Premiere und Intercontec war dabei. Read more >>

Ausbildungsbeginn in Niederwinkling

Intercontec-Nachwuchs schließt personelle Engpässe am Unternehmenshauptsitz

Niederwinkling. Für 8 jungen Frauen und Männer begann am 1. September mit dem Ausbildungsbeginn bei der Intercontec Produkt GmbH ein neuer Lebensabschnitt. Beim weltweiten Innovationsführer auf dem Markt der industriellen Rundsteckverbinder werden die Lehrlinge dringend gebraucht. Das Wachstum der letzten Jahre hat personelle Kapazitätsgrenzen offengelegt, diese gilt es nun zu erweitern um für die Zukunft gewappnet zu sein. Read more >>