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Weniger Kosten, mehr Leistung

Bild- und Textquelle: SPS-MAGAZIN 11 2015
Ob Hersteller von Motoren, Servo oder Linearantrieben: Die Nachfrage nach Einkabelverbindungen im Markt wächst. Schließlich warten beim Einsatz von Hybridlösungen - die Daten und Energie über eine Leitung transportieren - reduzierte Kosten sowie weniger Aufwand bei Inbetriebnahme und Wartung. Read more >>

Technical school in Straubing receives a generous Christmas gift

The technical school in Straubing in well-known for close networking with economical partners. In the course of their 6 months internship they send their students into different companies or educate trainees themselves to further prepare them for technical colleagues and universities. Read more >>

SPS IPC 2015: A cuccess for the trade show. And an even bigger one for us!

With 64,386 visitors, sps was able to beat the previous year’s visitor numbers by more than 13% – and a euphoric mood of optimism was also discernible at the stands. Read more >>

Everything new at Intercontec: Building phase III starts

Intercontec expands, both structurally and in staff. The headquarters in Niederwinkling will be technically and spatially updated in the future. Read more >>

Innovation from Intercontec: Series 740 htce® up to 70 A

One-cable-solution is now also available for power up to 44 KW

740 htec® - Innovative „all-in-one“ power solution. Electric drive systems and automation solutions can be fitted with a one-cable solution from Intercontec, even in a power range up to 44 KW. Read more >>