Angela Merkel im Intercontec-Labor an der Hochschule Deggendorf

October 2008: The University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf was the only stop in Bavaria on chancellor Merkel so-called educational journey through Germany.

Chancellor Merkel was impressed by the Intercontec laboratory at the Deggendorf University. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel praised the cooperation between the University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf and the industry.

The school’s work with the medium-size businesses in the area is exemplary and also well internationally connected, said the chancellor yesterday after a visit of the institute. The Deggendorf University can be proud to be the only Bavarian location Merkel visits during her educational journey.



Intercontec uses the CT among others to measure highly complicated plastic moulded parts in hundredth millimetre range, for spectra analysis to determine alloy components of different materials as well as detection of material defects like cracks and air pockets.

The chancellor was impressed when inspecting the tube. She talked shop with the researchers and even with a PhD in natural sciences, she couldn’t catch on to every technical detail right away.

The requirements for testing connectors at Intercontec and especially the company’s own computer tomograph impressed the chancellor the most.


CEO and Founder of Intercontec, Mister Wolfgang Pfeiffer talks with Chancellor Merkel
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