Quality Statement

When it's about manufacturing reliable and safe connecting systems, you can't compromise - you have to make products that guarantee the highest standard: Intercontec circular connectors. 

We are a valued partner of leading automation companies and are very well established in the connector market.

The three columns of our success are:

  • trend-setting product development
  • technical and personal expertise
  • sustainable management

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Trend-setting product development

"Understand our customers' point of view"

Intercontec posesses the essential strength to develop optimum solutions for customer specific requirements, and to competently turn them into a standard product series within shortest time. Permanent investment in research and development secure our high product know-how today and tomorrow. This is how we create competitive advantages for our customers.

Technical and personal expertise

“We are never satisfied with being satisfied”

The Intercontec team use their creativity and capabilities to achieve corporate success. Our staff's qualification, high motivation, and continuous improvement of all skills sets standards in the industry. Mutual respect and an open dialogue are the basis for trustful cooperation with our customers and suppliers.


Sustainable management

“Our companies economic power is in sowing rather than in harvesting”

Sustainable Management is an essential in our future strategy. This implies responsible handling of ressources such as energy and raw material. Through sustainable management, we are increasing our efficiency and productivity, thus contributing to securing our market leadership.


Innovations, expertise and economic efficiency are our in-house maxim. To keep it this way, we have successfully subjected our company to a certification process to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 - for the benefit of our customers.